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Make the Jump to Lightspeed Data

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Navigate your energy universe with eSight - now 50x faster!

eSight Energy spent 12 weeks of development time enhancing the performance in all areas of the product. After our latest release, eSight 2019.4, eSight is now over 50x faster than prior to the performance improvements!

We release a new version of eSight regularly throughout the year to ensure your system has the latest and greatest energy management tools. These releases contain new features, enhancements and performance improvements.

With all the improvements across your eSight system, you will notice how fast eSight is; from accessing data through the UI, to processing background jobs, we have spent the past 3 months focusing on ramping up eSight’s processing power.

The effects of these improvements can be felt throughout the system. With tasks like accessing meter data operating at speeds over 50x faster than ever before. The effects are even greater for our global/large/enterprise clients, who operate systems that range over hundreds of thousands of meters in a single system.


eSight Energy's CEO, Janie Jefferies-Freer on the recent performance improvements, "Processing vast amounts of data often means waiting or having to run the analysis for huge amounts of records overnight. eSight's processing power has been re-developed and delivers your data in an instant. This is a game changer for Global, Enterprise or data-heavy clients. We are confident that no other energy management system offers performance even close to that of eSight."


We have pleasure in sharing some of our stats with you below (times in milliseconds):

stats v2-1

There has never been a better time to upgrade your eSight system. Experience all the power and speed eSight has to offer. Make the jump to Lightspeed today!