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Whitepaper outlines the key to successful Energy Management in Breweries

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Targeting energy and water reductions represent a significant opportunity for breweries of all sizes. When selecting an Energy Management System (EMS), a brewery energy manager is faced with the challenge of finding a solution that includes the wide range of functionality needed to target utilities reductions in a brewery.


The whitepaper, published by energy management specialists eSight Energy, gives advice on what breweries need to consider to achieve effective energy management and importantly, make savings.  10 brewery-specific requirements for an Energy Management System are outlined in the whitepaper, providing guidance on;


  • Regression-Based Multi-Variable Targeting
  • Top Down Reporting on KPI's
  • User Dashboards and Application Accessibility
  • Consumption, Financial Budgeting and Reporting
  • Exception-Based Alarming
  • Corporate/Public Dashboards
  • Project Tracking and ROI Reporting
  • Custom Reporting and Data Export
  • Integration
  • An Effective EMS Partner


Brewery energy managers face a difficult task when selecting an Energy Management System. The list of functional requirements is long, as there is a lot of tangible value an EMS can provide to an organization through its capabilities. Selecting an EMS and an EMS provider that cover these key requirements is critical in achieving measurable success against utilities savings goals.


Download the whitepaper here