Understanding Energy Management KPIs – wondering where to start? Understanding energy management KPIs eBook thumbnail

When it comes to improving the energy efficiency and reducing the energy consumption of your commercial building(s), measuring and monitoring the right metrics is essential.

By monitoring and measuring the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter, you ensure that you’re not wasting any time focusing on vanity metrics that won’t help you progress your energy initiatives or help you make data-driven decisions to improve your building’s energy efficiency.

In our eBook, Understanding Energy Management KPIs: Vanity vs Authoritative Metrics, we discuss the KPIs that you should be measuring, such as:

  • Cost per unit of energy
  • Time of day and energy spikes
  • Average energy consumption per business unit

We also highlight some of the vanity KPIs that you can disregard, such as:

  • Average total energy consumption
  • Energy usage this year vs last year
  • Power consumption more granular than 15 minutes

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