How can you improve production efficiency and meet bold sustainability goals at the same time? eBook thumbnail - Balancing Conflicting Priorities

As an Engineering Manager, meeting corporate sustainability goals while improving production efficiency can be challenging. These conflicting priorities need to be balanced, but on any given day, you oversee several plant functions, leaving little time for industrial energy management.

Implementing an enterprise utility management system (UMS) can help you with industrial energy management. It provides you with the means to easily view data, correct problems, analyse consumption patterns, find anomalies and centralise the reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) for utilities.

In our eBook, Balancing Conflicting Priorities: The Key to Achieving Corporate Sustainability Goals, we outline the hurdles you’ll face, such as:

  • Metering and data consolidation;
  • Data aggregation and reporting;
  • Targeting and performance measurement;

We also highlight some of the tools that can help streamline your projects, such as: 

  • Integrated metering;
  • Powerful data visualisation platform;
  • Live performance metrics

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