Almost a third (30%) of the average energy used in U.S. commercial buildings is Tablet_CTA_V1_DRAFTwasted.

According to a report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), on average, U.S. commercial buildings waste 30% of the energy they use. However, ENERGY STAR®, a voluntary program launched by the EPA, states that it’s often possible to reduce energy use by as much as 10% with little or no cost. And that’s without overhauling processes or doing renovation! 

Things like adjusting lighting systems, using automation and retro commissioning, for example, are just a few things that can all help you – as a commercial building manager or owner – to get some easy wins, reduce overall energy consumption and start using your energy more efficiently. Incredibly important as the cost of energy rises and regulations become stricter!

In our eBook, You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure: 5 Techniques to Combat Energy Wasters, we share five energy saving techniques to help you combat energy wasters, reduce energy consumption and improve the energy performance of your commercial building. In our eBook, we discuss energy saving techniques, including:

  • Lighting systems;
  • Building automation systems;
  • Retro commissioning;
  • Scheduling/behavorial changes;
  • Power factor correction;
  • And how you can combat the most common and often unnoticed energy wasters in your commercial building.

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